TEA PARTY/ 2nd Amendment Response

January 24, 2011

I never said the Tucson shooting was the Tea Party’s fault… I said that angry rhetoric can’t help deter violence or help a civil political climate. I don’t make my art to sell as many t-shirts as possible, so you won’t make a big impression on me with the financial boycott strategy. However, I applaud you for using economic pressure as a part of your arsenal to participate in democracy. Far few Americans understand that their spending habits wield great influence. By the way, I’m not trying to overturn the 2nd Amendment. I’m not opposed to gun ownership, I only oppose handguns for anyone other than law enforcement. If I “don’t get it”, I’m very open to being enlightened. Seriously, maybe you have a justification for handguns I have not considered. If so, I’d like to hear it. Take care.


Date: January 21, 2011 9:06:50 PM PST
Subject: [Obey Giant Contact Form] General Inquiries
Stumbled across your website after buying an Obey t-shirt.

Just read your blog on your misperceptions of the Tucson shooting, Tea Party tie-in and 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

My determination is: You are one misinformed, misguided dude with not one original thought in your head. You just don’t get it.

The t-shirt goes back. No more Obey for me.
No more Obey for friends or family.

Ciao, SF/Obey

– “Sender”