February 26, 2007

Swindle issue 10! We actually made it to double digits. More importantly, this issue kicks ass, my bi-ass aside. Our cover subject
Henry Rollins was the singer for Black Flag, one of my favorite hardcore bands. He’s done a lot over the years… started has his own band, the Rollins Band, has his own radio and television shows, created his own publishing imprint and tours as a speaker and
lecturer with deep political knowledge. Rollins basically embodies all of the do it yourself creative and ethical principals that Swindle champions.

Issue 10 also features the SIRENS OF THE SURREAL, artists Camille Rose Garcia, Seonna Hong, Liz McGrath, and Adele Mildred who share their unique art and feminine perspective.

Remember when skateboarders wore pastel tee shirts and rocked Flock of Seagulls hair don’ts… I do because I was one of them. Well, we got together with the original members and some peripheral supporters of Powell Peralta’s BONES BRIGADE to talk about their influence on skateboarding in the 80’s and what they’ve been up to since then. You have all heard of Tony Hawk, but the entire BONES crew’s contribution to skateboarding, art, music, video games, signature shoes, etc… demonstrates their enduring influence.

Additionally, we’ve got designer Philippe Starck , art, fashion, music , and pop novelty galore… if you aren’t enticed yet you should move to Siberia, but write a story about your experience and submit it to Swindle. For more information visit swindlemagazine.com