“These Sunsets Are To Die For” Mural in Munich, Germany

August 23, 2022

The crew and I just returned from Munich, where we painted a 370-foot mural, my widest ever, on a 17-foot high wall along the city highway. The mural was facilitated by Sebastian Pohl, the artistic director behind the project, planned three years ago but delayed by the pandemic. Sebastian and I conceived the mural as an urge to transition away from fossil fuel reliance to sustainable and more environmentally responsible energy sources. The city of Munich’s municipal infrastructure is completely powered by renewable energy, so I was excited to be philosophically aligned in our joint efforts to spur energy evolution. I’m grateful to have the alliance and support from the “Department of Arts and Culture Munich,” and I’m heartened they believe in the value of art culturally and socially. Thank you, especially to former cultural-major Josef Schmid, who helped us to secure this amazing wall space. The mural is a mosaic of images opposing continued fossil fuel reliance and championing green energy… important topics for drivers stuck in traffic to ponder. Because of the danger of working alongside daytime traffic, we worked from 8 PM to 5 AM wearing headlamps to see. The working conditions were tough, so I’m incredibly grateful to Sebastian Pohl and the team from Positive-Propaganda, along with Rob Zagula, Luka Densmore, and Dennis Albrecht, for their hard work. Thanks also to Rob Zagula for the photos. In November, I’ll be doing my first solo art show in Germany called “New Clear Power” at AMUSEUM of Contemporary Art in Munich.