Shepard on Steve keene’s Modular Synthesis – opening at Subliminal Projects 1/16

December 30, 2015

When I first discovered the work of Steve Keene in the 90’s I was fascinated by his process of working quickly to create multiple versions of paintings that would allow him to keep the prices low, yet make each painting an original. I soon realized that he was addressing a lot of the coolest indie scene subject matter and that from any of my diverse interests there was probably some connection only a few degrees of separation from Keene. I’m really excited about the work he’s doing for “Modular Synthesis,” his show opening at our gallery Subliminal Projects later this month. The exhibition will feature his interpretations of classic album covers and hip Los Angeles landmarks, as well as the debut of his Tattooed Plywood pieces. This guy must be the most prolific artist of all time and his process is fascinating; it’s a must-see show! Hope to see you on January 16th!
– Shepard

Modular Synthesis features more than 30 of Keene’s never-before-seen Tattooed Plywood pieces, as well as handmade furniture and over 750 hand painted multiples. This will be Keene’s first West Coast showing in 5 years.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 16 · 8 – 11 pm

Subliminal Projects
1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, 90026

Exhibition Dates:
January 16 – February 13, 2016

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Steve Keene
The Velvet Underground Andy Warhol, 2015
Hand painted multiple