Scorched Earth Project by Migrate Art

October 13, 2020

I was honored when Simon Butler from Migrate Art approached me about his “Scorched Earth” project, organized in response to the widespread deliberate destruction of crop fields in Iraq. These destructive fires have been attributed to organized militia groups who are using them as an intimidation tactic – most likely ISIS. Simon collected ashes from these burnt crop fields, turned the ashes into paint, and were then handed off to all of us participating artists to create works for the “Scorched Earth” exhibition and auction.

I’m very pleased to support Migrate Art because I believe in the mission to support refugees and those made vulnerable by war and unrest. My ‘Rise From the Ashes’ dove screen print incorporates ash from the burnt crop fields in Iraq into black ink. I love the dove as a symbol of peace, but in these prints the doves are not white, but black and red, relating more to the concept of a phoenix rising from the flames of destruction. Art can encourage compassion, lift the spirit, and heal through material benefit to a worthy cause, all of which I hope these prints can help to foster.⁠

All proceeds from the auction will be shared between Migrate Art and their three charity partners: RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchen and The Lotus Flower – organizations that support those affected by the global refugee crisis. Visit: to support the auction now!⁠