February 02, 2024

I’m heartbroken to find out that activist and MC5 lead guitarist Wayne Kramer has died. I discovered the MC5 in the 80s after discovering the Stooges because the MC5 were friends with the Stooges and they often played together in Detroit. Both proto-punk bands signed to Elektra Records and put out albums in 1969 which were hugely influential but not commercial hits. I got to know Wayne almost 20 years ago, and I was floored by his kindness and dedication to making a difference in the world. 

I did the logo for his U.S. branch of Jail Guitar Doors, a charity dedicated to providing guitars for prison inmates. Wayne did time in jail and understood personally how therapeutic music and creativity are for all people, but especially those without freedom. Thank you for the decades of inspiration Wayne, both through your music and your righteous dedication to improving people’s lives. When we saw each other six weeks ago you mentioned a NEW MC5 album 50 years on from the last one… I can’t wait to hear it!