November 14, 2006

Shepard recently designed 6 new boards for the REAL Skate Team… this is what Jim Thiebaud had to say about the collaboration:

” I have always respected and admired what Shepard Fairey does. His art, design, and connection with subversive imagery have always been something that I respected and totally sweated. Being able to work with him on the new REAL Subvert Series was a great experience. He really brought out the differences the guys on the team have while also showing that they share the common bond of riding for REAL”.

Each board is a limited edition and comes signed.

REAL Skateboard Busenitz SK0515 $65

REAL Skateboard Huf SK0516 $65

REAL Skateboard Aultz SK0517 $65

REAL Skateboard Schaaf SK0518 $65

REAL Skateboard Torres SK0519 $65

REAL Skateboard Ramondetta SK0520 $65