Love Unites?

November 21, 2008

This is a response to an email we received today that addresses some reactions we get every now then regarding our opinions on Ebay.  Below is Shepard’s response.  After the jump is the original Anonymous email.  If anyone has any questions about sale policies and Ebay, click the links below.



I suspect you are mad because you were banned from the print sales for being a scum bag. We don’t ban people without proof, so don’t act like your name got picked out of a hat. The Obey Giant Ebay policy is based on us trying to make sure that the people who REALLY want a print get the print at the intended price rather than aftermarket price. I’m selling the prints at below market value to make them affordable to people who really like the art. I want fans to get a piece of art, not bottom feeders trying to turn a quick profit at the expense of real fans of the work. If you plan to Ebay a print, YOU are the one creating a discriminatory situation, because not everyone who can afford the original price of my prints can afford the Ebay price. You are calling me a racist? Are you kidding? I just promoted a (half)black guy for president for 9 months! I just did a collaboration with Public Enemy! I have no idea what race you are and I don’t care. But you are right, I am prejudiced… I’m prejudiced against those who profit off the suffering of others. It is disturbing that anyone would even CONSIDER Ebaying the Love Unites print.  The Obey Giant Ebay policy is the same for everyone. Do you think we want to be policing Ebay? Of course not, but we have to do it to protect the fans of the art  from parasites.

Date: November 21, 2008 12:25:02 PM PST
Subject: Prop 8 Policy, Love Unites?

Any person suspected of EBAYing this print will be automatically banned from No Exceptions.  THIS PRINT WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER.

Are you Kidding?  You have a lot of nerve. It is not up to you what anyone does with their print after they purchase it, It is a retail sale not wholesale.
You have no right to place sanctions on what people do. Let alone cancel someone’s order because you SUSPECT they are selling it on ebay. I suspect 90% of your customers are selling it on ebay. You gonna cancel all your orders now?  What happened to proof the person is actually doing what you are accusing them of before you punish them.  And how could you be so ignorant as to produce a print, like Love Unities, against discrimination and then discriminate against who you sell it to. If you continue to be a racist and a discriminator, I am sure someone like myself will start a civil or class action suit against you ( studio one) for discrimination.

I hope you are laughing and thinking of some clever reply to post with this email on your website.
Others and myself are super interested to see what BS you will spew to justify your thinking as correct and nondiscriminatory.

Practice what you preach if you expect anyone to value what you say.

super disappointed Shepard… from HOPE to DOPE.