Hostile Takeover (Red)

Screen Print
18 x 24 inches
Edition of 300
April 3, 2007
$35 - Sold Out


Since I know that people don’t pay close attention to things and tend to jump to conclusions, I’m going to give a preventative explanation of the new print. No, even though I often make jokes about Obey Giant’s world domination, I’m not saying that Obey Giant is committing a HOSTILE TAKEOVER or creating a NEW WORLD ORDER. If you look at the eye on the hand, it is framed by a round American flag banner. The piece is a comment on U.S. economic and cultural imperialism. The image is part of the negative side of a piece called “Two Sides Of Capitalism”. There actually is a positive side. Stay tuned for more.

18 x 24 inch Screen Print, Signed Edition of 300.