“Printed Matters: Raise The Level” Opens August 13th at Straat Museum Amsterdam

July 13, 2023

Shepard Fairey at STRAAT

Shepard Fairey, the renowned artist and activist, is coming to STRAAT in Amsterdam! Known for his iconic ‘Andre The Giant Has A Posse’ imagery, and Barack Obama’s ‘Hope’ campaign poster, Shepard will be showcasing his incredible talent in a major solo exhibition at our STRAAT Gallery. Not only will the exhibition feature over 130 of his works, but Shepard and his team are also creating two new murals: one on the museum’s West exterior wall and a large-scale piece for the interior main hall collection. The gallery exhibition, titled “Printed Matters: Raise the Level,” runs until Sunday, October 1st, 2023. Don’t miss the chance to see Shepard Fairey’s biggest solo exhibition ever in the Netherlands.

Solo exhibition Shepard Fairey / Printed Matters: Raise the Level 

Printed Matters: Raise the Level focuses on promoting the well-being of our planet. The phrase “raise the level” encompasses various aspects, including raising awareness about the impacts of burning fossil fuels and climate change, the rising sea levels caused by global warming, and the need for immediate action to protect the Earth. In essence, it urges us to elevate our efforts to save the planet.

Shepard Fairey’s solo exhibition at STRAAT goes beyond environmental concerns and also addresses pressing issues such as nationalism, xenophobia, war, fake news, and threats to democracy. Fairey effectively communicates with viewers by incorporating familiar symbols, portraits, and texts in his artwork, encouraging them to engage in a meaningful dialogue about these relevant issues. 

Printed Matters: Raise the Level is on view from August 13th – October 1st, 2023. The gallery exhibition and the new works by Shepard can be seen with a regular entry ticket.

“I hope the public will be inspired to pay attention to these issues and take action. Apathy is largely fueled by dread and feelings of powerlessness, but I hope my work will sow the seed of the idea that art can be a galvanizing and joyful form of communication and activism, that shapes a culture in both bold and subtle ways.” –Shepard