Positive Propaganda Presents: FREE RADICALS #2

September 17, 2020

Positive-Propaganda presents – FREE RADICALS #2
A group exhibition curated by Sebastian Pohl featuring unreleased original artworks by Escif, Eugenio Merino, Mark Jenkins, NoNAME and Shepard Fairey.

“Whereas a couple of months ago handmade protest posters denouncing the effects of global warming attracted our attention, in these days the world’s eyes continue to be focused on the Covid19 pandemic and the protective masks on our faces.
The fact however that the climate change will have much graver consequences, ones that are already becoming apparent for every ecosystem and living being, has meanwhile become a sideshow, to which we will pay attention again at a given time. But for now the motto is and remains „social distancing“

A few days ago UN general secretary António Guterres pointed to the fact that the pandemic has revealed our global fragility. It’s a human tragedy. At the same time the warming of our planet and the climate crisis are steadily proceeding. Therefore we have to see the pandemic as an opportunity to come together and join our efforts for global survival, peace and prosperity. 

But how should we react to this well-intentioned advice? 
Five of the internationally most important art activists under the artistic direction of Sebastian Pohl deal with and focus on the challenges of our society in a radical and reflective manner, aiming at asking questions, calling for action and inspiring the observer in a sustainable way through their artwork that has not been published before.“[Sebastian Pohl]

Opening // Wednesday 16th of September | 7:00pm – 9:00pm Introduction: Bernd Sibler –  Bavarian Minister of State for Art Sebastian Pohl – Artistic Director

Exhibiton // 17. September – 17. October 2020

Location // temporary Art(Space), Marienplatz 8 / Dienerstrasse, 80331 Munich/Germany

Open // Monday – Saturday | 2:00pm – 8:00pm Admission is free. | Please note the COVID-19 regulation on site.

For artwork inquires contact: mail@overratedart.com | For more information about the project visit: www.positive-propaganda.org

Instagram artist links: @escif, @eugeniomerinoestudio, @xmarkjenkinsx, @better_noname, @obeygiant

Instagram links: @positivepropaganda, @sebastianpohl_, @overratedartinc