Peace Tree Mural Update 2024 // Los Angeles

April 27, 2024

The crew and I just finished re-painting my mural at The LINE Hotel in Koreatown. I originally painted the “Peace Tree” mural in 2014 and it had begun to deteriorate a bit from ten years of sun and weather. The LINE asked for an update to the original mural that symbolized LINE’s evolution while maintaining a steadfast connection to the brand’s core values. Since I never like to paint the exact same imagery twice, I worked on an evolution of the original image. The updated mural looks as if the original mural is partly ripped away revealing floral patterns and rays of color. I love the way all of the elements interact and that the aesthetics of my art, separated by ten years, are harmonious, even though the imagery references the transgression of ripping at street posters. Thanks to my crew, including Rob Zagula, Dan Flores, Nic Bowers, and photographer Jon Furlong (who also helped paint), for their help on this hometown project! If you are at Wilshire and Normandie, look it up, or just LOOK UP!