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Deedee Cheriel’s “Natural Resource” opening August 1 in Los Angeles

Talented friend and fellow artist Deedee Cheriel has a show opening at KP Projects/MKG in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 1. “Natural Resource” explores her ever-burgeoning fusion of classical and mythological themes with her signature enchanted anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creatures. Deedee has previously shown work at Subliminal Projects and is known for her heavy involvement in the DIY culture of the early 90’s, playing in several all-girl bands (Juned, Adickdid, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns). She has also contributed album artwork and t-shirt designs to many other bands. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this one’s not to be missed!

AUGUST 1-29 2015

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Fruits Of Our Labor

The Fruits of Our Labor print was inspired by a couple of things: the genetic modification of fruits and vegetables, and the military industrial complex. A few months ago, Neil Young invited me to check out some of the recording sessions for his forthcoming record “The Monsanto Years.” I was inspired by the songs and Neil’s courage to speak out against corporate greed from Monsanto as well as Chevron, Starbucks, and others. Neil asked if I’d be willing to create art inspired by the themes on the record and so I began thinking about ideas. One of the things I knew was that Monsanto produced Agent Orange for the U.S. government during the Vietnam War. This gave me the idea to use an orange as grenade to portray dangerous fruit literally and metaphorically.  You can read about  Genetic Modification, one of the things Monsanto does here. I’ve always admired Neil’s environmental activism, so I included his lyric “mother nature on the run” in the print as well. Genetic Modification in essence allows corporations to play god with the food we eat. People deserve the right to know where their food comes from.

The print also addresses the arms industry and the power it wields. The military industrial complex is so large and powerful that it has massive influence over politicians and is funded by billions in taxpayer dollars. Are these the fruits of our dollars and industries that we want? I spoke about my issues with U.S. military spending when I released my “Imperial Glory” print. If you missed that you can check out what I wrote here.  Thanks for caring.


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Bad Brain’s School of Rock!

My friend Darryl Jenifer from Bad Brains sent me this cool video of Eli Proper in an Obey tee on drums at the Darryl Jenifer recording camp. Darryl is teaching school of Rock this week! By the way, Obey Clothing will be doing a Bad Brains collaboration! Darryl has been sending me some great vintage imagery to work from… keep that P.M.A. and an eye out.


My piece for the Coney Island Art Walls was inspired by both Coney Island’s oceanside location, and my ongoing criticism of environmental destruction generally, but climate change caused by oil and gas specifically. Coney Island was affected by superstorm Sandy, a hurricane which many attribute to climate change, so I thought my image of the couple by the beach was especially appropriate, but the overall oil and gas theme is a thread throughout. I’m always excited to find a solution that addresses site-specific variables but also features themes that I think are universal and relevant to my entire body of work. – Shepard

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Art, Music, Politics with Chuck D & Shepard Fairey SXSW 2015

“Art and music should be about empowerment; once you’ve created a means to communicate, you shouldn’t squander that with stuff that is meaningless, you should fill it with things that are meaningful.” – Shepard

Check out the full SXSW 2015 panel discussion on art, politics and youth culture with Shepard, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Evan Pricco (Editor-In-Chief, Juxtapoz), Lorrie Boula (President, Soul Kitchen Music), and Todd Roberts (Head of Visual Arts, The Windish Agency).

5th Annual Rock and Roll Carnival to Benefit MUSACK w/ Rancid, X, and more!

Shepard will be DJing at The 5th Annual Rock and Roll Carnival to Benefit MUSACK on Saturday, August 22 in Hancock Park. The event will feature performances by Rancid, X (acoustic), Fishbone, and more. Founded by Donick Cary, a good friend, writer, and producer, MUSACK provides guitars and music programs to Nantucket High Schools, as well as scholarships for students wanting to pursue music-related studies, and cultural exchange programs for students in both Los Angeles and Nantucket. Nurturing the creative potential in students is crucial to humanity’s cultural advancement; what better way to support such programs than to come enjoy this fun event and experience some great music! Check out the lineup and get your tickets HERE.

Learn more about MUSACK here

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Black Gold

The “Black Gold” poster is a sequel or companion to “Endless Power” and uses a comparison between the tobacco industry and the oil and gas industry to examine truth in advertising, and destruction of the environment.
I designed this print to feel like a “product as hero” advertisement. A lot of shrewd advertising has been created to suggest that things we want are also good for us and society. Perfect examples are the ads celebrating the health benefits of cigarettes. My inclusion of the text “with lung tonic” is a humorous nod to the absurd health claims historically made for harmful products. Like tobacco companies, oil and gas companies use their deep pockets to create doubt about climate change and to greenwash their image. Oil and gas companies and the car manufacturers who profit heavily from gas powered engines used their power and influence to overturn a zero emissions law in the state of California, effectively delaying electric cars arriving on the market accessibly for 10 plus years. It is dangerous for an industry to have that much power. Scientists hired by fossil fuel corporations represent the minority of the scientific community who claim oil stocks are endless and that oil and gas don’t contribute to climate change. These are the same scientists who, if paid, would claim that smoking cures asthma or gas fumes are a cure-all lung tonic.

Though oil may have originally seemed to be endless, we now know the world’s oil reserves will run out eventually. Estimates range from 10 years to 200 until accessible oil is depleted. The oil was formed by natural geological processes which occurred over millions of years. Oil consumption presently exceeds 25 billion barrels a year and demand continues to spiral upward, out of control. The outcome is inevitable. Wind and sun are renewable and healthy…we’ve got to stop smoking.


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REMINDER: IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, I GUESS opens at Subliminal Projects this Saturday!

I’m really excited about this show because the golden era of hip-hop, ’86-’94, was incredibly influential for me. All the work in the show is very stylish and witty. I particularly love Mark Drew’s cassette paintings and this one in particular because ICE-T’s Power album was what inspired the use of the word “Posse” in my Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker. The lyrics to the song Power go “I’m livin’ large as possible posse unstoppable… style topical, vividly optical”. The year was ’88 and other great hip-hop records that used the word “posse” were out… N.W.A., Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, but ICE-T was my specific inspiration. -Shepard


Mark Drew, Hip Hop Mix, 2015

In Collaboration With Andres Guerrero

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 18 · 8 – 11 pm

1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Click here to visit Subliminal Projects for more images and info!

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The Young Lords: New York Bronx Museum exhibit

If you’re in New York be sure to check out “¡Presente! The Young Lords,” a new exhibit focusing on radical Puerto Rican nationalist and civil-rights activist group Young Lords. Fighting for racial equality and Puerto Rican independence, Young Lords established a New York chapter in the late 60’s to help fight oppression within their communities and organize marches and protests to further awareness of their cause. The exhibit takes place at the Bronx Museum and includes memorabilia, fine art, and photographs from the groups events, including the horrific 1971 Ponce massacre perpetrated against the group by local law enforcement. Check out the following Wall Street Journal preview to see images from the show, which includes Shepard’s ‘Visual Disobedience’ piece HERE.

Also, check out this WSJ article on The Art and Activism of the Young Lords HERE

“SID: superman is dead” exhibit in paris

If you’re in Paris, be sure to check out “SID: SUPERMAN IS DEAD,” a unique collaborative exhibition by Shepard and photographer Dennis Morris, a tribute to the life of Sid Vicious. SID features rare original paintings by Shepard, shown alongside the legendary and archetypal photos of Sid taken by Morris.

“Sid remains one of punk’s most enduring icons even if he is a classic example of style over substance. I was a sucker for Sid’s image as a teenager, and I still am, even though I see him as less ‘cool’ and more tragic and cautionary these days. I have made many images of Sid over the years, and I thought I had retired him as a subject until Dennis Morris-the photographer of the most intimate and iconic shots of Sid-approached me about a collaboration. Dennis’s archive provided an amazing treasure trove of Sid images to work from in creating the paintings and prints in the ‘Superman Is Dead’ show.” – Shepard

In addition to the paintings and photographs, a limited number of prints will also be available at the exhibit. If you’re a fan of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, or music history in general, take advantage of this rare opportunity (from now until August 1st) to own a piece of cultural history preserved in this unique collaboration!

Please visit Magda Gallery for more info and click “more” below to see pictures from the show.

Shepard Fairey – Superman is dead

From 4 July, 2015 to 1 August, 2015
Opening 4 July, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm

Magda Danysz Gallery – 78, rue Amelot – Paris 11

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