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24 x 36 inches. Offset poster on thick cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Open edition. $35. Limit of 5 per person/household.

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Compassion is NOT Partisan!

Congress is intent on ramming through a bill next week that gives enormous tax cuts to wealthy people and corporations, essentially repeals the ACA, radically changes and throws millions of people off Medicaid, and defunds Planned Parenthood by prohibiting them from serving people on Medicaid which would force massive numbers of clinics to close here in California and across the nation.
These are our last few days to stop this catastrophe to health care. The Senate is likely to vote on Wednesday or Thursday and the plan seems to be, if it passes, to quickly send something to the House and the President, getting it done by the end of next weekend.
Please call your Senators and Representatives in the House! Compassion is not partisan. #ProtectOurCare #Fight4OurHealth
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