March 29, 2007

I’ve been a fan of WK Interact’s art since I first saw it on the streets of NY around 1993. We finally met in 2000. Since then, we have gone out bombing together in NY, LA, Berlin, and now Tokyo. He showed at our gallery Subliminal Projects in 2002. The two of us were asked recently by fashion designer and street art supporter Agnes B to show both individual and collaborative works in Tokyo and Paris. The Tokyo portion of the project has just completed. We put in a lot of work in the two galleries and on the streets over our week in Tokyo. Dan Flores helped out a ton as usual and my 22 month old daughter Vivienne has learned to put up stickers at the perfect height for dogs, midgets and babies to be indoctrinated into the posse. We hit about 20 big street spots and the bombing went pretty smoothly with the exception of one spot. There was a great tagged up building that seemed chill but was actually under video surveillance. I rocked an open spot on the building with an icon face and as I walked by the spot the next morning there was a little old lady with 2 cops standing in front of the partially scraped off face. That night I went back to re-do the spot (street ninja must REVENGE) and there was a sign in Japanese taped at the fire escape landing. My Japanese friend translated it as “Four men were videotaped doing graffiti on the premises last night. The police have been notified and we will catch you in the act next time” We stole the sign but decided not to risk arrest. I’m still waiting for more photos, so check back for updates.

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