February 07, 2007

Comes with mini posters!

One of the most recognizable street art icons today, Shepard Fairey scales up his contribution to the hugely popular LA DUNNY Series with this 8 inch giant! From the streets to your collection, the Obey Giant Dunny features the distinctive iconography of the classic posters, stickers, and stencils that have surfaced in urban hubs around the world. Shepard Fairey’s reproduction of the face of Andre the Giant was started as an experiment, competing with corporate mass marketing and reclaiming public space. Fairey has since turned his art into a worldwide phenomenon. In a nod to the year Shepard Fairey began working, only 1989 pieces will ever be produced. Plus each dunny with come with a blind mini poster, ‘Ankara’ or ‘OBEY ’94’ which is 1 in 6!

Signed and Limited Amount
$60.00 eachOBEY :: KIDROBOT 8″ DUNNY