Obey Copenhagen post 1 (Good)

August 11, 2011

Copenhagen was a very, intense trip. I made 110 pieces of art for the show at V1, so I had already been working long hours before I left for Copenhagen. Once we arrived, we hung the show and then the crew and I dove into long days of murals, two of them being three stories high. The Peace Dove mural was all painted, and the AK-47/M-16 mural was painted and pasted. We also did a lot of smaller(comparably), but still large murals all over town. We rode bikes all over town and got a lot of sun and exercise. The opening at V1 and after party were amazing. The V1 crew did an excellent job. My one regret, is that I did not have more time to enjoy the city other than through street art. Copenhagen is a progressive, culturally rich place with great design, art, architecture, and environmental consciousness. The people(for the most part) are incredibly friendly and thoughtful. Not everyone in Copenhagen was hospitable, but that deserves a longer and more thorough explanation and analysis that I will get to in the next couple days with Obey Copenhagen post 2 (Bad). Meanwhile, check out the great coverage by Obey Clothing photographer and free lance mural assistant Jon Furlong, and the Arrested Motion coverage by super cool Danish photographer Henrik Haven. Thanks to Dan Flores, Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and everyone else who helped out in Copenhagen.

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