NYC Mural Sites Call Out!

March 24, 2010

The OBEY CREW is looking for sites in NYC (Manhattan & Brooklyn) that can be used by Shepard Fairey for his mural works in late April to support his exhibition at Deitch Projects Opening on May 1st.  This is your chance to experience the art and be a part of the OBEY phenomenon, in addition to contributing to the enhancement of the urban landscape.  If you are interested in having an genuine Shepard Fairey/OBEY mural, PLEASE CLICK FOR MORE to get all the submission requirements and info.  You supply the wall, we supply the art.  THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

These are pasted paper projects using wheat paste glue, so they are not permanent. However, the paste job is executed very skillfully so some have been known to be long lasting. By submitting your site for consideration, you acknowledge that you are giving permission for these projects to take place on the structure specified. The artist’s team will choose from among the submissions, so note that submission does not guarantee selection.

PLEASE send submissions to:, with the Subject line: NYC MURAL

What to submit:
• Image of the structure (i.e. wall, building, etc.)
• Location/address of the site
• Approximate Dimensions (length, height, width)
• Permission from building owner
• Name of building owner
• Contact information for owner (phone number, email address)
For a submission to be considered it must include all of the above information.