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May 17, 2007

June 15, 1997
ExclamationAsk Shepard Fairey why he has dedicated himself to spreading the image of Andre the Giant the late, humongous professional wrestler and the 27 year old San Diego artist replies with a Dads rim shott “Hes really ugly. Plus, he’s dead Whatever the reason, Andre iconographers are at work from New York to Los Angeles, slapping posters and stickers of the brooding hulk’s face on public walls, apparently as an absurdist swipe at society’s worship of corporate logos. Fairey, who started the craze, has caught flak for his efforts – he has been jailed in five cities for vandalism but says the work must go on. Meanwhile, he is about, to enjoy a burst of fame: as the subject of a short film, “obey giant Has a Posse,” which will be screened later this month at MOMA.