NPR interview about Boston Trial

July 13, 2009

For anyone who has been following my court case in Boston, a resolution has finally been reached. I was originally facing 34 felony charges with a maximum penalty of 87 years in jail. My attorney negotiated a plea deal for me to plead guilty to three misdemeanors and get two years probation and a fine in exchange for all the other charges being dropped. Considering the tremendous waste of time and money so far, this solution seemed the most productive to end a process which could have dragged on considerably and potentially resulted in jail time if things did not go well for me. I’m glad to put this behind me so I can focus on making art and the other positive things in my life. I have no negative feelings toward Boston, my ICA show has been an incredible success with over 100,000 people attending. I’d like to thank the ICA staff who have been great to work with, and also all the Boston property owners who invited me to display my work on their properties. I will be back in Boston on July 31 for Obey Experiment REDUX, a party celebrating the success of the exhibition at the ICA.  I will finally get to DJ at the ICA and my friends Z-Trip and Chuck D will also be performing. After the exhibition closes on 8/16 in Boston, my 20 year survey travels to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh For more in depth info on the Boston case, check out this interview.






Obey Experiment Redux
width DJ’s Shepard Fairey and Z-trip + Chuck D (Public Enemy)

Date: Friday, July 31, 2009
Time: Galleries Close at 10:30 p.m.

Sponsored: by Converse, Obey Clothing and Karmaloop

Host Committee: Pedro Alonzo and Lane Coburn, Jeffrey Deitch, Geoff Hargadon and Patricia La Valley, Hal and Jodi Hess, Jill Medvedow, Tim Phillips, Tony and Heather Podesta, Charles Renfro


For more information about this event, please consult the ICA Boston website.