August 25, 2022

The Bristol Hip-Hop duo, REE-VO (rapper T. Relly and DJ, producer Andy Spaceland) released this new remix and music video of NØISE‘s song “Automatic”. I was introduced to REE-VO by my bandmate from NØISE, Joe Cassidy (Rest In Power). I really liked REE-VO’s fusion of trip-hop, hip-hop, and electro. Earlier this year NØISE had remixed REE-VO’s ‘Spacebox’ which I designed the cover for (released on 7” red vinyl). ‘Automatic’ will be released through Dell’Orso on a limited 10” record (500 copies) available with REE-VO’s debut album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo’. The 10” artwork is a tribute to Lee Perry. Check out the full music video below and the article on Amplify Music Magazine.