June 27, 2007

‘E Pluribus Venom’ is the title of Shepard’s most ambitious art exhibit to date and it debuted this month to the masses in NYC, but for him and the rest of the crew, the REAL theme of the past few months was ‘Veni Vidi, Vici’. Not only did we ‘conquer’, but we survived, and THAT was an even taller order. Consecutive long, looong work nights that literally turned into days were mixed alongside non-stop press interviews, subway commutes, taxi cab rides, curious neighborhood passer-byes, DUMBO street lurkers, and art world guests from around the world (and elsewhere).

‘Failure was NOT an option’ (as Shepard’s father would say) and we did NOT fail. Materializing this project wouldn’t have been possible without the small army of co-workers, managers, employees, interns and assistants; there are many we must thank personally- Jonathan Levine and all of his incredible staff, Michael Petrovich, Dan Flores, Stuart Noble, Ernesto Yerena and countless more Studio Number One interns. Our support staff back home in the LA offices-Tina Soikkeli, Jaspr Baj, Russell Varner, and Olivia Perches. Volunteer troopers like Kyle Oldereup, Delphine Ettinger, Kevin Taylor and Todd Schwartz also helped immensely. Adam Wallacavage and Andrew Clark from Curio Wallcoverings were responsible for the amazing flocked patterns at the DUMBO space.

We are really proud of this accomplishment, so get out to see the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea (until July 21st) and the especially the temporary space in DUMBO (until July 7th) while you can.

-Jason Filipow

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