“New Clear Power” Opening at AMUSEUM in Munich, Germany

October 14, 2022

New Clear Power, my first solo art show in Germany, addresses systems, forms, and notions of power that we must all carefully consider as we pursue our vision for an ideal personal and collective future. The artworks in New Clear Power utilize a range of mediums, including mixed-media paintings on canvas, stencil and collage unique works on paper, original illustrations, and prints on wood, metal, and collaged backgrounds. All of these art pieces, through imagery, symbols, and text, raise questions and voice concerns about various concepts of power. Power applies to the visual strategies used in the art as well. I render my images by reducing them to their most powerful essence. I choose colors, patterns, and icons that powerfully engage the viewer, and I write the text for my pieces using words that have the power of clear and concise communication.

My artwork is usually bold and loud, but there is power in the quiet and subtle moments of collage and texture that require the viewer to lean in and consider the layers beyond the obvious. The concepts of power represented in the subject matter of New Clear Power include abuse of power, power concentrated under capitalism, renewable power, political power, the power of creativity, power over information, and the power of controlling narrative. A primary focus of the work in New Clear Power is a critique of fossil fuel industries and their contribution to climate change and environmental decline.

In advance of the New Clear Power show, with the help of Positive Propaganda, I painted a 370-foot wide mural along a stretch of Munich’s city highway, which showcases a series of images relating to the oil industry and the urgency of transitioning to renewable sources of power. I create my art as a catalyst for dialog about important issues, but I believe that a stylistic and conceptual connection between my Munich murals and the content of the New Clear Power exhibition will generate deeper discussion not only about global warming and the financial power of the fossil fuel industries but also about the power of art to clearly articulate healthier paths forward. Thanks to Positive Propaganda & Overrated Art Inc. for making the art show happen! For more updates, please follow @amuseum_munich on Instagram.
–Shepard Fairey