Morning Call

May 17, 2007

#70 March 11, 2001
A month ago during a car trip to downtown Allentown, I noticed there were these ugly sticker covering a lot of poles and stop signs. Now recently I have seen this graffiti at local convenient stores with the large words “obey.” It seems like something of a gang symbol. Have you encountered these stickers and what is our township doing to have this trash removed from the street?

H. Mench

Ironically, up until two weeks ago, I had never come in contact with such a thing. But on my Saturday jog, I saw two high school kids placing them on a stop sign. Well, when I saw them, they must have thought I was with the local authority and quickly scurried away. The sticker, which also said boldly “OBEY” appeared to be a sticker of legendary wrestler, obey giant. My only conclusion is it’s probably some local rock band spreading the word. As for the township doing it’s part we have taken a some steps in controlling graffiti in our town and the police department is doing it’s part in stopping vandals from covering our street signs and walls. Thank you for your concern.