Miami with Hublot

December 20, 2019

Here’s a look back to earlier this month, when I was in Miami for Art Basel. I had the privilege of creating a new mural, with help from Hublot​ for the DASH school in the Design District of Miami. I also was able to be part of their 5-year celebration of the Hublot Galerie boutique in the Design District. My philosophy has always been: I want my work to interact with people in as many places as possible. I do this through apparel, t-shirts, posters, fine art, street art, I also apply this to my work with Hublot. Hublot makes beautiful watches and I got the opportunity to design and create very sophisticated pieces. I’m proud to be able to make things that reach all audiences, and I appreciate the support of Hublot not only for the watch collaboration but also to bring the mural to a school that encourages kids’ creative education. -Shepard