miami art basel, i mean art bombing

December 09, 2008

I was just down in Miami for Art Basel and it was a blast. I took a sturdy crew including Z Bomit, Dan Flores, and Nic Bowers to help handle bis. We bombed Miami for three nights and also did an amazing legal wall coordinated by Logan Hicks and BooksIIII for the PRIMARY FLIGHT project. The hilarious thing is that right when we started the mural a cop pulled up and asked what we were doing. We told him the spot was a legal wall and he said “cool, I’ll hang out and make sure no one bothers you guys”. The cop even grabbed a crow bar out of the trunk and helped us pry off an old sign that was in the way on the wall. We were worried he would notice the connection to all the images we put up in the city, but he either didn’t, or didn’t care. When it was getting dark, the cop even turned his lights on the wall. The whole surreal incident was the real version of a board series Real Skateboards did in the 90’s called the “Real Fantasy Series” which had graphics of cops bucketing out swimming pools to drain them for skating… hilarious.  These photos are less than half the spots we did.
   Obey had a party with Spread Magazine and Supertouch Art  at the Shore Club and I got to spin records with my favorite DJ, Z-Trip who killed it as usual. A ton of great people and old friends came through the party. Russell “Rush” Simmons even rolled through toward the end. Thanks to Levi’s, Obey Clothing, Bombay Sapphire, and Lucky Beer for supporting the party.
   Of course the art fairs were cool too. Jonathan Levine did an awesome job with my work in his booth at Scope. I saw a lot of great art at Scope, Basel, and Pulse, but there was creativity on the streets and everywhere else. Basel is pretty intense and I’d recommend checking it out.

Shepard also made a print for the Party that were giveaways, we kept 150 of the prints that are going to be available on our website sometime in the near future.  Keep checking the website for its release.  Do not email questions about release times or dates. maimi-mural