Library Street Collective & Louis Buhl’s Fundraiser Exhibition: It Takes A Village

August 24, 2022

I am excited to be participating in Library Street Collective and Louis Buhl’s fundraiser exhibition It Takes A Village, featuring over 70 artists and on display for one night only September 2nd from 7-9 PM at the galleries in downtown Detroit.

The exhibition will raise funds for the development of a public skatepark in Detroit’s East Village neighborhood, a project spearheaded by Library Street Collective, designed by Tony Hawk and artist McArthur Binion and built by New Line Skateparks.

The project is in partnership with Jefferson East Inc, a non-profit organization that serves low-income populations on Detroit’s east side and five bordering neighborhoods. It Takes A Village is also a celebration of Library Street Collective’s ten year anniversary and their expansion into East Village neighborhood.