November 09, 2007

I was recently asked to do the package for Led Zeppelin’s two CD one DVD greatest hits package Mothership. Zep is one of my favorite bands of all time and if they aren’t one of yours, you need to check that your DNA is human. If my art is 1 percent as good as this band I’m in good shape. What I’m trying to say is that the opportunity for me to hitch a ride on the coat tails of such an influential band is an honor and a coup. I was also asked to make a limited run of screen prints. 400 to be exact, of which 100 are for sale on obeygiant.com and the rest will be sent out selectively by the band and label. One hand painted multiple on collage will be available at my Merry Karnowsky Gallery exhibition, IMPERFECT UNION, opening December 1st.