Kathy Grayson x The Hole NYC x Jeffery Deitch

December 18, 2012

A lot of people ask me what I think about the brouhaha around Jeffrey Deitch and LA MOCA. I think he has been treated unfairly and It puts me in an awkward position… I’ll be perceived as biased because Deitch has included me in commercial and museum projects and my design studio helps MOCA with graphic design(for very modest fees). I am biased in favor of Deitch, but not because of personal interest, but because I’m biased in favor of people who share my philosophies about art and culture. In my opinion, Pop Art eroded the perceived barriers between high and low art. Good art is good art, and something being called “high” or “low” is often based on elitism and where the art and artist reside on the ever changing curve of acceptance by cultural gatekeepers. I think Deitch tends to be ahead of the curve. It was refreshing to see this video interview with Kathy Grayson, director of The HOLE Gallery discussing Deitch. The beginning of the video is silly, but hang tight for┬áKathy’s commentary, I think she gets it right. Check it out.

-Shepard Fairey