Jasper Johns

December 10, 2009

American Contemporary Art 101

Alright… for those of you who are wondering who Jasper Johns is, here is the quick and dirty version… Jasper Johns is one of the first American Contemporary Artist to begin using pop culture references in his work.  One could argue that he is one of the originators of the Pop Art movement.   He is most known for using imagery, such as the American Flag, Targets, and Numbers, as subjects in his work circa the 50’s and 60’s.   Johns was a roommate of Rauschenberg and has even been featured (as himself) in the Simpsons… Google him!

This imagery is part of a new body of work that Shepard is working on, focusing on American Pioneers in art, music, and culture.  Stay tuned as more revolutionary portraits are on the way.

This is a collaboration with photographer Michael Tighe. Check out more of Michael’s work at michaeltighephotography.com. Print on sale now, Edition of 450, $55.