Idyllwild 1987

January 09, 2023

These two pictures were taken of me in the fall of 1987 in Idyllwild, CA by my friend Greg Jensen. I was a senior in high school doing a year of art boarding school. Idyllwild is a small town but the one skate shop there held a demo with the Alva team which was mind blowing for me. Tony Alva himself was there along with Dave Duncan, Eddie Reategui, John Thomas, and Jeff Hartsell. The Alva guys were ripping so I was doing my best to hold my own with some Ollies and airs off the jump ramps. A couple of nice details are my Powell Peralta Tony Hawk deck, my homemade Bad Brains tee shirt, Thrasher stickers on both my shoe and my truck, Indie sticker on my shoe, and the hardcore band SNFU’s logo drawn on my shoe. I printed these photos along with others of the Alva demo to send to my friend (and current art assistant) Jason Filipow for his skate ‘zine Streetscribe. He found them 35 years later. I remember I made a 45 min tape that was a blow-by-blow of all the tricks from the Alva demo to send to Jason along with the pics. Skateboarding was all-consuming in my life and shaped my outlook in very important ways. I’m grateful to skateboarding and to still be friends with Greg and Jason.