idolize yourself

June 23, 2008

Check out that peroxided spiky hair do… no, it’s not one of the millions of copy cats spawned by the White Wedding video, it is the real BILLY IDOL. Our resident photographer shot lots of photos of us signing prints and hanging out, but then bailed for Mexico with the photos on his laptop. Now that’s what I call a BOLD STRATEGY! Anyway, I did the album package for Billy’s greatest hits album and a screen printed poster to go along with it. The prints are signed by me and Billy. The edition is 400. They are $50. Billy’s album “Idolize Yourself” comes out June 24. It contains all the classics plus some good new songs. The new wave meets propaganda package alone makes it worth picking up. I also got to interview Billy and we may put some of that up on YOUTUBE. Stay tuned.