HOPE Tribute Night

September 24, 2007

Sponsored in part by Humanity United / OMIDYAR Networks founders of eBay & myspace.

This evening is to recognize all contributors to the HOPE Campaign for Dafur and honor Shepard Fairey and Brian Steidle for their considerable dedication to bring awareness to the worst humanitarian crisis happening in the world today.

The HOPE Campaign for Darfur was formed to bring the issue in Darfur, Sudan to the forefront of the media while also generating funds for Global Grassroots (www.globalgrassroots.org) and their programs to help Darfur survivors rebuild their lives.

Through the help of Shepard Fairey, Brian Steidle, HOPE Artists, OBEY Clothing, SPIN Magazine, LA Darfur Observance Day, DeepMix, myspace, Great American Volleyball and many other groups this 6 month campaign has brought awareness to over 10 million people, funded new programs for Global Grassroots and helped genocide survivors start to rebuild their lives.

HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Artists is a humanitarian company focused on raising awareness and funds for pressing issues and is committed to green, energy conscience and resourceful business practices. We do this by empowering individuals to be involved in humanitarian causes through creative events, art, music & action.

Please join us in honoring these individuals and help us launch the 2008 HOPE for Africa Campaign.

HOPE Tribute Night