Hope for Darfur

April 23, 2007

EVERYONE: PLEASE READ THIS! I was approached by Global Grassroots to do a graphic for their campaign to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. All I really knew was that the situation was similar to what was depicted in the movie “Hotel Rwanda”. I took on the project as a good cause to get behind, but the gravity of the situation was not made real to me until I saw Brian Steidle’s documentary “The Devil Came On Horseback”. Brian is a former marine who was hired by the African Union to monitor the supposed cease fire in the Darfur region of Sudan. Brian witnessed and thoroughly documented the genocide being committed by the government arab militias against the the blacks in Darfur. Brian’s film is heartbreaking both in seeing the genocide itself and the lack of action by the U.S. government after they have been presented with the situation and more than sufficient documentation. Only with political pressure can the Darfur genocide be brought to an end. PLEASE BUY A PRINT and support this cause. 100% of the money from this print goes to the HOPE campaign. I’m not even taking my print costs out. Watch the trailer, realize how good we have it in the U.S., and chip in. Thanks.

The HOPE Print will be released on Tuesday, 4/24/07 at 12pm PST.