Hope / Elysian Park

February 26, 2008

“I may seem Obama obsessed as of late, but after two terms with Bush, Obama is someone to feel optimistic about and is worthy of a good bit of my energy. I’m well beyond jaded hipster posturing these days anyway. My enthusiasm seems to be infectious. My friend Derick Swinfard of Monster Media Inc. was kind enough to donate a 16×30 foot banner for the side of the new Studio Number One office in Echo Park at 1331 Sunset. Also, Reuben Raffael of Sticker Robot www.stickerobot.com printed 50,000 Obama stickers at cost. 1331 Sunset will also house the expanded Subliminal Projects gallery. Learn more at www.subliminalprojects.com.”-Shepard
If you missed out on getting this print, you can print out your own here


Shepard Fairey left with Derick Swinfard of Monster Media Inc. Who donated the billboard printing.Hope / Elysian ParkHope / Elysian ParkMonster Media Inc.Hope / Elysian Park