Help Evoker

March 05, 2009

I’ve known Evoker since summer ’89 when he was a little kid. He skated and hung out at the Watershed, the surf/skate shop where I worked. He eventually worked there after I had moved on. We’ve stayed in touch over the years trading stickers. He is a good guy and unfortunately lost his apartment and many belongings to fire recently. I will be donating a piece of art to raise money for him. Read about how you can help after the jump.


This past weekend our long time friend and supporter Evoker lost his apartment to a fire. Everyone was OK, but a lot of his stuff was fire/smoke/water damaged, and he now has to find a new place to live. Evoker has been a friend of PEEL for several years and has been a pioneer in the sticker art community with his Urban Wallpaperproject. His online gallery of stickers helped to gain exposure and recognition for the artform long before there were books dedicated to the medium of stickers. His efforts have assisted countless street artists to distribute their stickers all over the world through his sticker exchange. Back in the day exchanging our ban comic sans stickers through his Urban Wallpaper site (as well as a few others) inspired us to start PEELzine. He’s also a talented and dedicated artist and a great guy. We are grateful for the pioneering work he’s done to build the sticker art community and we would like to do what we can to support him in this difficult time. Through the month of March all sales from our online shop will be donated to Evoker to help him rebuild. If you would like to donate a piece of work, packs of stickers, etc. to be sold on the site with all proceeds going to Evoker, please send to the address below and include a note that it’s for Evoker. We’ll have a special gift (to be announced) for someone who donates work to support Evoker.

PEEL c/o Combs
3404 B Oliver Ave
Indianapolis IN 46241