Health Care Reform

August 11, 2009

I have been feeling a bit down because the debate about health care reform seems to be dominated by paranoid dim wits who swallowed medical insurance lobbyist’s misinformation. However, there are great organizations trying to counter the greed, fear, and stupidity. Please check out this email from Brave New Films. They make great documentaries and deserve our support. is also doing important things. Please support grassroots efforts. Thanks.


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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,

Hi, I’m Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the longest-serving independent in American history.

I’m an independent progressive for a reason. Actually, for many reasons. Here are a few: The American middle class is under threat of extinction. Wars are waged for the profits of security contractors and weapons manufacturers. The bank lobby, the insurance companies and the drug companies practically run the House and Senate. I could go on.

These are problems with solutions. But not the kind of market-based, incremental solutions that many of my colleagues favor. As a matter of fact, my colleagues and I aren’t going to solve any of them; these are problems that require strong grass-roots movements to solve. The simple truth is that if millions of people stand together, there is very little that can’t be accomplished.

That’s why I’ve partnered with my friends at Brave New Films to bring you a weekly show in which I can speak directly to you – unfiltered. Citizen to citizen. That’s how we make change.

Senator Sanders Unfiltered” is the name of the show. Watch the first episode.

The idea behind it is to use all of this wonderful new media technology to democratize the way Senators like me communicate with the public. Get my weekly show delivered to you how you want: Facebook, Twitter, or email.

At a time when our country is struggling with the most serious set of problems since the Great Depression, I’m extremely excited about using this dynamic new medium to give you my unfiltered views on the economy, health care, global warming and the environment, foreign policy and a hundred other critical issues.

Senator Bernie Sanders and the Brave New Films