Hate Is Not A Hoax

August 28, 2019

From the archives:
Masked Hate, 2017
Handcut Rubylith Illustration
15.5 x 19.5 inches

I got to know Christian Picciolini when we were on a panel together examining racism in America, and we have stayed in touch discussing events like the tragedy in Charlottesville. Christian is a reformed white nationalist who is using his own experience to help white nationalists transition out of that mindset and insular culture. With the extreme divisions in our country, there has been a rise in racially-motivated violence, and I think that the work Christian is doing is extremely important. He fights to help people who might commit violent acts themselves or encourage others to commit them to change course.
You can see what Christian is doing either through his website HateIsNotAHoax.com or by watching his amazing show “Breaking Hate” on MSNBC (Sunday nights at 9pm EST). His crowdfunding campaign called #HateIsNotAHoax is running now and will support the needs of his organization Free Radicals: freeradicals.org. This campaign will help to generate the resources that the organization needs, which can make a big difference in our climate of racial tension. – Shepard