Harmony in My Head

February 23, 2008

Tuesday I’ll be the guest DJ on Henry Rollin’s show “Harmony in My Head” along with legendary skateboarder Tony Alva. The show is on LA’s indie 103.1 FM. If you are not in LA listen online at www.indie1031.fm. Expect to hear a lot of punk rock and stories about skateboarding. I can say that I may have had an insider advantage getting the gig considering that I did the indie 103.1 logo and I have done art for Rollins. It is no coincidence that Tony Alva is my co-host. Tony and I recently collaborated on a poster. The poster is my illustration of a photo of Tony from 1977 by photographer Glen E. Friedman who has captured amazing iconic moments in skateboarding, punk rock, and hip hop. Check out his site www.burningflags.com. To celebrate the release of the Alva collaboration, we will be doing a party/art opening Sat. March 8 at the Alva store at 1086 S. Fairfax. The posters as well as some fine art pieces will be available. The posters will be available online March 11. They are signed by me, Tony, and Glen.