Swan Song

Paris, France
June 20, 2024

PARIS, FRANCE: My solo exhibition “Swan Song” opens June 20th on view through July 13th at Galerie Itinerrance where I will be showcasing new works. The artworks featured in my “Swan Song” exhibition address many existential threats with the hope that the art creates a chorus loud enough to inspire a change of course rather than serve merely as a swan song or coda to our collective tragedy. Art has long utilized beauty in its romantic aspiration to transcend momentarily, or at least blissfully ignore, the inevitability of death. However, beauty can also remind us that life is a gift and what is at stake when we damage our planet, our democratic principles, our belief in human rights, and many other important ideas that form the foundation of a good life and a civilized world. The paintings, mono-engravings, and prints in “Swan Song” offer a nod to the best of the past while pushing for the best possible future. -S