Sidewalk Activism

Oceanside, California
February 08, 2020

The street has long been a site for unmediated commentary, debate, and advocacy. From calls to action to save the environment to in-depth criticism of local and national politics, politically themed art in the street varies from individuals acting upon their convictions to organized efforts by collectives and non-profits furthering their cause. As opposed to spray paint and graffiti related messages, street art holds a different aesthetic, engages a larger audience, and is arguably judged on its ability to cultivate change by advocating, motivating, or educating the public. Representing a diverse number of issues from a broad perspective, the artists featured, seek to empower and move these important social, political, and environmental ideas forward in the best venue they know, the street.

Curator Dr. G. James Daichendt is an art critic and professor of art history at Point Loma Nazarene University. He has been dubbed Professor Street Art and has authored multiple books, articles, and academic papers on the subject.

Featured artists:
Bobby Ruiz, Brett Crawford, BRISK ONE, Bryan Snyder, Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson, Channin Fulton, Christopher Konecki and Carly Ealey, David Flores, DyseOne, Erik “ANTI” Caudillo, GANE ONE, Gloria Muriel, Gregory Auerbach, Kai, Katie Ruiz, KOOK, Marissa Quinn, Madman, Morley, Mike Giant, Persue, Plastic Jesus, Robbie Conal, Shark Toof, Shepard Fairey, Teachr, VYAL, and WRDSMTH