Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibition X London

May 07, 2016

Take a look at the gallery below from Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones, an exhibition currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  Featuring nine thematic galleries, Exhibitionism combines more than 500 original Stones’ artifacts, with striking cinematic and interactive technologies offering the most comprehensive and immersive insight into the band’s fascinating fifty-year history. Shepard art is on display, alongside Andy Warhol, Alexander McQueen, Ossie Clark, Tom Stoppard and Martin Scorsese.
The show features an array of material from never-before-seen dressing room and backstage paraphernalia to rare instruments; original stage designs, iconic costumes, rare audio tracks and video footage; personal diaries; poster and album cover artwork; and unique wraparound cinematic experiences that celebrate every aspect of the band’s career. Center stage is the musical heritage that took them from a London blues band in the early 1960s to inspirational cultural icons.   If you’re in London between now and September 4, be sure to check it out!
Dates: April 5 – September 4, 2016
Location:  Saatchi Gallery, Duke Of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, London SW3 4RY, United Kingdom
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Photo credit:
Exhibitionism at London Saatchi Gallery

Rolling Stones-logo design 2

Rolling Stones-4993 Rolling Stones-5008 Rolling Stones-5059 Rolling Stones-5113 Rolling Stones-5129 Rolling Stones-5189 Rolling Stones-5272 Rolling Stones-5274 Rolling Stones-5281 Rolling Stones-5282 Rolling Stones-5301 Rolling Stones-5311 Rolling Stones-5315 Rolling Stones-5528 Rolling Stones-5619 Rolling Stones-5733 Rolling Stones-5760 Rolling Stones-5763 Rolling Stones-5874 Rolling Stones-5878 Rolling Stones-5889 Rolling Stones-6134 Rolling Stones-6580 Rolling Stones-6731 Rolling Stones-Art Logo design