ENOUGH of Trump

August 11, 2020

ENOUGH of Trump is a multi-platform movement created to flood key swing states with public art projects in advance of the 2020 Presidential election. It’s an honor to be one of several artists to work with People for the American Way on this campaign. Frustrated by failure after failure during Donald Trump’s presidency, a dozen artists, including myself, have created public art to remind voters: we’ve had ENOUGH of Trump.

PFAW launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this project, so that the billboards will be funded not by billionaires, not by super PACs, but by the people, for the people! If you donate $250, you will receive my “Enough Noise & Lies” print. It’s a screen print on heavy cream Speckletone paper, 17 x 24 inches, an edition of 200 and signed by me. If you donate $50, you will receive my “Enough of Monarchy” print, which was inspired by the art that I created for this project. It’s a giclee print (unsigned), 17 x 24 inches, and was designed exclusively for People For the American Way. Both donations will get your name listed on PFAW’s campaign website. Your contribution will primarily help fund 12 billboards across Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in October and November. Thanks for caring! -Shepard