“Embrace Justice” Mural at Queens University, Charlotte, NC

October 22, 2021

“Embrace Justice” Mural – Queens University, Charlotte, NC – Photo by Jon Furlong

The crew and I just finished a new mural, “Embrace Justice,” at Queens University in Charlotte, N.C. It is on the outside of the Gambrell Center For the Arts & Civic Engagement, which is about as ideal a location philosophically as I can imagine. The Queens University slogans also aligned with my philosophy, so I harmoniously combined my text with some of the Queens’s sayings in the mural. My mom and sister both attended Queens, so I have a family connection here. I didn’t realize until I began the mural that I also have a personal relationship with the president of Queens, Daniel Lugo, because we had met a few times when he worked as a lawyer for Public Enemy and Chuck D., one of my biggest heroes. It immediately made sense that between Mike Wirth, who facilitated the mural project and has spearheaded other murals in Charlotte, and Daniel Lugo, I had spiritual allies making the project as ideal as possible. Of course, I had great help on the mural from my crew of Dan Flores, Nic Bowers, Rob Zagula, and Jon Furlong, who doubled as photographer and mural helper. I’d like to thank Sara Henley from Queens University for her help organizing both the mural and the talk I’m doing on campus tonight. Thank you to the students from Rock Hill who helped with the mural there came up to help in Charlotte. Thanks to Jayden, J.P., Adam, and Erin!