“Earth Justice” Mural in Vancouver

August 08, 2019

I just finished my “Earth Justice” mural in Vancouver, which is a call to respect and nurture the planet with the understanding that our individual and collective actions dramatically impact current and future generations. The earth has a delicate balance of interdependent eco-systems, which cannot withstand the current volume of Carbon emissions, pollution, and environmental destruction. I included the breaking chains in this mural because if we are to move away from the path of destruction, we need to break free from the status quo of fossil fuels and other patterns of consumption that are unsustainable. True justice for the earth and future generations of all species can only be achieved by respecting the fragility of the eco-systems that sustain life. The future is in our hands, and our children’s quality of life will largely depend on the example we set for them now. The good news is that the city of Vancouver, which supported this project, believes in greening and furthering all areas of environmental responsibility. I hope other cities follow Vancouver’s lead! Thank you to Christian Chan, Matthew McMurry from Ultra Violet Arts and the Burrard Arts Foundation for facilitating such an amazing wall for the mural. Thanks to my crew of Nic Bowers, Dan Flores, Rob Zagula, Luka Densmore, for their hard work on the wall. Also, thank you to Jon Furlong and Zane Meyer for their photo and video documentation respectively! Photo by Jon Furlong.