August 12, 2013

The crew and I headed out to NY for the Wooster Collective 10th Anniversary Show and did a mural over in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. The wall is near where I did my E Pluribus Venom show, and Jonathan Levine was kind enough to help facilitate the 26×46 foot beautiful brick wall right by the York St. subway stop (Jay & York Street). I wanted to retain the character of the brick, so I just stained it a little darker and then painted on top of the stain. We had good weather so it went pretty quickly. WK Interact and Pat Miller stopped by to say hi as well as my RISD pals from Urban Folk Art, Adam and Jason. Thanks to Z Bomit, Kyle, Nic, Jon, and Dan and JLV Staff for their help!

DUMBO 2013, 1 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 1 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 2 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 3 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 4 WK and Shepard DUMBO MURAL 2013, 5 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 6 Patrick (Faile) and Shepard DUMBO MURAL 2013, 7 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 8 DUMBO MURAL 2013, 9


DUMBO 2013, 2 DUMBO 2013, 3

Photos by  Jon Furlong//OBEY Clothing