Download “Angel of Hope and Strength” for free from Amplifier!

April 10, 2020

With all of the stresses coronavirus puts on healthcare workers, public servants, and the public psyche in mind, I created this art piece, “Angel of Hope and Strength.” This piece was created to celebrate the courage of healthcare workers specifically, and generally symbolize the spirit of hope, strength, compassion, and resilience that we can all find in ourselves and share collectively. It’s a tough time even for tough people, but we will all fare better if we summon the better angels of our nature.

Amplifier is launching “Angel of Hope and Strength” as a free download to print and share today.  We believe that art can heal, art can save lives, and art can bring us together even while we are apart. It can be a compass to guide us through this storm. We also believe that only through service and selflessness can we overcome in a moment like this.  We are offering this beacon of hope to act as that reminder.  We WILL overcome. Thank you to the ones taking care of our elders, thank you to the essential workers and public servants in all fields who help provide our food and services, and thank you to the doctors and nurses and medical professionals that are making great sacrifices for us all. Visit: to download now.