April 04, 2022

My friend and director of Galerie Itinerrance, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, has been bringing art and artists to the Tunisian island of Djerba for almost ten years. The Djerbahood project has become a street art phenomenon and includes incredible pieces by some of my favorite artists like Add Fuel, Swoon, Alexis Diaz, C215, El Seed, Logan Hicks, Space Invader, Faith 47, and Monica Canilao. I always wanted to take part in the Djerbahood project, but timing never seemed to work out. During the Covid pandemic, Mehdi had the great idea to install some of my art pieces screen printed on sandstone tiles and fired at over 1,000 degrees to ensure durability. The result is astoundingly beautiful and will last a very long time. I’m honored to have my art as a lasting part of the community. Thank you so much to Mehdi, the project partners, and the community for embracing my art!

Photos by Lionel Belluteau (@unoeilquitraine)
Production: SOMOCER Group