Defend Rights of Women and Girls

September 29, 2011

September 28th marks the day for the Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Human Rights and equality are very important pillars of my philosophy.  I am honored to do what I can to support Amnesty in their continuous efforts.  Everyone should live free from fear.” – Shepard Fairey

A message from the Amnesty International –  Multiple demonstrations organized by the woman’s movement and supported by Amnesty International are taking place in major cities across Latin America.  We are calling for a repeal of the abortion ban and an end to sexual violence among women and girls. We feel that this symbol of the butterfly shows that for every one of us, there are thousands of people around the world that are with us in our struggle. To create this solidarity in the world between so many countries and people, is a great work of Amnesty and we hope it continues and gets stronger.  Please visit us at to learn more!