Boston Dreaming…

March 05, 2009

I have to return to Boston for court next week and I’m facing charges that have a penalty of up to three years in jail. The allegations are baseless, but the Boston Police somehow were granted the warrants and resources to send ten undercover cops to stake out my exhibition at the ICA and arrest me before my DJ gig on the opening night.  Jill Medvedow, the director of the Boston ICA was kind enough to write a thoughtful analysis of the situation. Check it out.  


ON A RELATED NOTE… One of the patrons of the Boston ICA asked me to do a mural on HIS fence on HIS house. The neighbors called the police and threatened to stab me with scissors. When the police told the neighbors they could not stop an art installation on private property, the neighbors proceeded to try to peel it down themselves. To me it seems that they decided it was okay for THEM to illegally vandalize private property. They then made a coordinated effort by email to encourage people to protest my ICA show and not renew their ICA memberships. They also conspired with the detective who arrested me to find a way to “stop me”, all based on perfectly legal art I was putting up. Lastly, this neighborhood group sent a summons to the museum patron/owner of the home to force him to appear at a hearing concerning whether he needed to get permission to have art installed on his property(the neighbors did not feel they needed permission to try to peel it down). One of the hilarious justifications for the outrage over the mural the neighbors manufactured was that “when the paper deteriorates it becomes an eye sore”. Of course, they are the ones who made it an eye sore by ripping at it. Barbarians in fur coats are still barbarians.